Becoming a member of the NKBA is simple!

Businesses or self-employed individuals deriving their revenue from providing products or services to the kitchen and bath industry qualify for Industry membership. As an Industry member, you receive a full voting membership and access to ALL member benefits. In addition, you designate your industry segment and receive information and materials specifically related to the segment of the industry in which you are working.

Individuals who work for NKBA member companies are automatically non-voting members and receive most, but not all, member benefits. If those individuals wish to have full voting membership (and personal copies of all materials mailed to them), they may apply for individual voting membership at $50/year.

Employees of non-member firms may also become individual members for $100/year.

Please contact our VP of Membership - Diana Katzmann, AKBD (Phone: 607-280-8354 or email: [email protected] )  or one of the other Chapter Board Members if you are interested in becoming a member.

NKBA occasionally offers Membership promotions and will allow our Chapter “special discounts” to sign up new Members. We also get credit for any new members using our applications, so it may be to your advantage to sign up through us.  

Want more information about membership?  

 VP of Membership – Diana Katzmann, AKBD

Phone: 607-280-8354

email: [email protected] 

Or - call NKBA Customer Service Associates at 800-843-6522 and request a free copy of their membership information package.

Kind Regards,

NKBA Central New York Chapter 2015 Executive Board