Professional Development

New and Updated PRL Volumes

We are happy to announce that all of the 1st editions of the NKBA Professional Resource Library (PRL) volumes, originally published in 2006, have been revised and updated to reflect industry changes in recent years. Two new volumes, Kitchen & Bath Sustainable Design, and Kitchen & Bath Lighting are also being added to the set. The Sustainable book and the Lighting book is available for purchase now. 

Professional Resource Library
The NKBA Professional Resource Library books contain the core body of knowledge for the kitchen and bath industry and describe and illustrate the vital information a kitchen and bath professional must master for the NKBA certification exams. For those planning to take the AKBD exam, please be aware that the exam will include questions drawn from the updated 2nd Edition content and the two new volumes. A summary of changes made to the 1st Edition books was provided by the authors and can be found on

Exam Prep Tools
As a result of these improvements, the NKBA has updated its exam prep study tools including: AKBD/CKD/CBD Certification Study Guide, Certification Study Group Leader’s Manual, Exam Prep Flashcards and app, on demand and VILT AKBD Prep Courses, and AKBD Virtual Study Review. 

1st Edition PRL's Still Relevant
While the new PRLs have been updated to reflect industry changes since the books were first published in 2006, the first edition books still reflect the core body of knowledge to prepare candidates for the NKBA exams. Although all of the exam prep materials are in the process of being updated, these current resources are still relevant as study materials.

 Certification Study Group

The CNY chapter plans to hold a Certification Study Group to help interested and qualified professionals prepare for the AKBD and CKBD,  certification exam. The AKBD certification examinations are on-demand and can be taken in Syracuse and Rochester. The Study Group is based on the 9 volumes of the Professional Resource Library: Residential Construction, Kitchen & Bath Systems, Kitchen & Bath Products, Kitchen & Bath Drawing, Kitchen Planning, Bath Planning, Business Management, Kitchen & Bath Project Management, and Design Principals.

Research has shown that the percentage of professionals who pass the NKBA certification exams on the first try is substantially higher among those who participate in a study group. Why not take this opportunity to strengthen your professionalism and join us?

The Study Group will review the 9 Professional Resource Library Books - The Group will meet every two weeks to give everyone time to review the next book. The sessions typically run from 6pm till 9pm and will meet at Case Supply Inc. - Syracuse  or  Modern Kitchens - Syraucse.  

  If you are interested in joining the Study Sessions please contact:

Paul Thompson, CMKBD

Professional Development Committee Chair

[email protected]

(Cell) 315-447-6936  or

(Office) 315-673-4305 ext. 109