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President's Report

If you missed our first two meetings this year you missed a lot!  In March we held the 2018 Vendor Blender in Syracuse.  This was a great day to visit with the vendors present and get several CEU hours.  I would like to thank all the vendors who supported this event! 

In May we met at one of our newest members showrooms, Meyda Lighting.  What an amazing facility and showroom!  The tour of the production area and seeing the latest in their technology was enjoyed by all and the food was incredible!  We look forward to many years of cooperation with Meyda.

Many changes have happened in the structure of the NKBA over the last year.  From the change in affiliate school programs, the new NKBA website, ability to create our own online profile and portfolio, to the changes in how our Chapter Council is structured. 

Your NKBA CNY Chapter needs your support in many ways.  First, if you have not attended a meeting lately please be sure to get to a meeting this Fall.  Second, with the new Council structure we are required to have various committees in place, and we need people to fill these positions!  The committees are a vital support to the council and the success of our chapter! 

With the changes in our structure we now have “term limits”.  No one is allowed to stay on the council for more than 4 years without stepping down for 2 before accepting another position.  We will have 3 positions opening at the end of 2019, and we ask anyone who would be willing to consider serving your Chapter on the Council to please let us know.   

Finally, this is your NKBA Chapter and we would like to ear from you!  Be on the lookout for a Survey coming by the middle of the Fall to your email.  Please, take a moment to complete it when it arrives!  We also welcome your feedback at any time!  All of the council members emails are listed on our Chapter website and your feedback ensures we are addressing your needs!

We hope you are enjoying your summer and look forward to seeing you all again this Fall!


Aaron Gould, AKBD

CNY NKBA Chapter President

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Welcome New Members

Greetings from the Membership Chair of the CNYNKBA.

I am very pleased to announce and welcome our newest members to the chapter for the first half of 2018:

  1. Kacie Alaga, AKBD from Corning , New York
  2. Meyda Lighting from Yorkville, New York
  3. The Tile Shop #28 from Rochester, New York
  4. Bruce Hall Corporation from Cooperstown, New York
  5. DRJR Enterprises LLC from Lockport, New York
  6. Plumbing World from Lockport, New York

Please reach out to welcome these newest members and seek out their professional services and products for your kitchen and bathroom needs.


At our recent Vendor Blender event held in Syracuse, we had approximately 72 professionals attend from the NKBA, AIA, ASID and CNYHBR organizations.  Along with the vendors, our keynote speaker for the evening, Maria Stapperfenne, CMKBD from Tweksbury Kitchen and Bath in New Jersey and past president of the National NKBA, presented 6 CEU’s for the professionals in attendance. 


Along with the introduction of many of the newest materials, concepts, design details, educational  CEU’s, networking with your fellow colleagues and the sharing good food and friendship at many different venues, we hope you have some of the great reasons to attend the functions that the CNYNKBA offers. 


Please, spread the news of the great opportunities the NKBA has to offer and bring a friend to our upcoming events!


David L. Jureller, CKD

Membership Council Chair

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Calendar of Events

Welcome SUMMER !

You were missed  at  the  May 16th meeting!!!! We welcomed our new NKBA member and meeting host Meyda Lighting at their factory location in Utica, New York.  The tour of this custom lighting manufacturer in our own Upstate NY Chapter was very impressive. Their state of the art technology in manufacturing a unique product for our designs makes perfect sense when designing kitchens and bath spaces for our client.  I’m sure if you would like a raincheck Max Cohen would be more than happy to work with you.

We welcome another new NKBA member! The Tile Shop, Rochester, NY, will be hosting our September 19th meeting. This new tile source has an amazing showroom with many beautiful displays and useful tools to work with clients. They have other locations throughout North America.The presentation will feature  product knowledge regarding new installation methods as well as an introduction to the use of concrete tile as well as the use of concrete as a unique material to use for sinks, countertops, and even furniture.

Modern Kitchens of Syracuse will host our November 14th meeting,” A Cooks Perspective”: Knowing your client and how technology is changing todays’ kitchen.  Guest speaker, Bridget Beuche, from California is a well- known highly respected California chef. The presentation will be interactive and hands-on.  Please check her out on Instagram . Get the latest perspective!

I will be programs chair for another year and look forward to hearing suggestions for meeting locations as well as meeting topics.  I also welcome volunteers to assist with meetings.

Thank you,

Meg Aufmuth

Programs Council Chair

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Treasurer/Secretary Report

The CNY Chapter of the NKBA has received 2 grants this year from National, and we were happy to have Wisonart as our official sponsor of the 2018 Venor Blender!


Currently, the Chapter's Account balance is $4,877.91

The Ann Davis fund is still at -$837.01

As of year end last year our CD balance was $3,092.19

The Council has approved plans to begin working towards making the Ann Davis Memorial Fund a recognized 501(c)3 to encourage donations and potentially increase the opportunity to advance this program.  
Danise Miller, CKD

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Communications Chair Report

With the rollout of the new NKBA National webiste, a feature was included to create your own profile and online portfolio.  This is a benefit of your membership and allows you to have an online presence, with your unique url to your page.  If you have not set your up yet please check it out and tke a moment to do so!

In the coming months the NKBA National website will also pick up Chapters pages and we will then transition this site into their structure saving our Chapter money!

We are currently in need of a volunteer to help increase our social media presence.  Times change and so has the way people use the internet, Studies show those under 30 use social media as a tool more often than searching out web pages.  We are looking to adapt to these social changes and increase our presence there.  If you would like to assist by posting meeting photos, announcements and other CNY NKBA news to our social media please let us know!

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